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Stephen Slater

Stephen G. Slater began his numismatic endeavors at the age of 10 when a friend showed him his coin collection. Completely fascinated by the designs, history, and values... he was hooked.

Upon graduating from high school, Stephen attended Metropolitan State College of Denver and the University of Colorado studying business and finance. After three years of college, he decided to pursue a career in the numismatics field full-time. In 1984, he took a job with a major numismatic firm and after three years of learning all he could about grading and dealing, he started his own company, Slater Numismatics, which was launched in 1987.

Stephen’s numismatic ability and reputation has grown through the years and he is nationally renowned as a grading expert, often consulted for his expert opinions by other dealers and graders. He was an instructor in the Advanced Grading Course for the American Numismatic Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In recent years, PCGS held a grading contest to determine the top graders among the rare coin dealers.  PCGS selected 100 different coins at each show encapsulated with just the coin date on the label.  Stephen scored a perfect 100 in the first test at the Long Beach Coin Show thus qualifying him as one of the finalist at the summer ANA convention.  Out of the approximate 2500 participants in the grading contest, Stephen came in Ninth Place and is considered one of the top graders in the industry.

Lately, Stephen has assisted in the acquisition of ultra-rarities for some of the finest known collections extant. His clients have enjoyed purchasing from one of the most reputable dealers in the industry and have enjoyed substantial gains within their own collections and through their consignments to Stephen Slater/Slater Numismatics. These are just a few ultra rarities that Stephen has bought and sold: 
    1835 Classic Head Five Dollar PR66 PCGS one of only four minted- current market value $1,250,000* 
    1835 Classic Head Quarter Eagle PR65 PCGS one of only four minted – current market value $800,000* 
    1795 Half Eagle, Small Eagle MS65 PCGS –current market value $650,000* 
    1833 Half Eagle, Small Eagle MS65 NGC –current market value $475,000* 
    1795 Half Eagle PR65 PCGS – current market value $275,000* 
    1909-O Five Indian MS65 PCGS – current market value $550,000* 
    1872 Twenty Dollar PR66DCAM PCGS – current market value $400,000* 
    1907 High Relief MS68 PCGS – current market value $450,000*  

Although Stephen is known for dealing in one-of-a-kind, finest-known rarities, his company is also widely known for providing easily accessible, affordable type coins and common date certified material for those new to the hobby or assembling a type collection on a budget. This is where we all must start in numismatics, and Stephen and Slater Numismatics, LLC enjoy this facet of the business as much as being able to place that finest known, six-figure price tag coin.  Contact us today so that we can assist you in your numismatic endeavors!

 *estimate at 1/12/12

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